Software Title: FirePhoenix
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License: Freeware

FirePhoenix is a security software that encrypts your data and hide your IP address when you send or receive files, emails, messages (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, etc.) on the web ( or when you visit a site or play online game)s. In short, it protects you at all times and in all your online activities.

Simple and easy to use, the program does not require complex setup, the protection is effective immediately upon the installation of software on your PC. FirePhoenix encrypts all your network traffic and protects all your applications and your Internet protocols in real time. FirePhoenix is free software developed by “eDoors.

This project homepage never loads, So i have no idea if the project is still alive, The version i have tried (screenshot above) is a Chinese version, I Cannot find an English version of this application anywhere. So if you use an English version then please get in touch with us, With a download link so we can test it out then review it.