IDCloak Smart VPN


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License: Free Version Restricted to 256mb a day! / Paid Version $2.95 / Month.

Who uses idcloak VPN?

VPN technology has many applications. By investing in a standard idcloak subscription,
You have full access to all of the following benefits.

Restricted surfer:

Bypass web regionalization.

Unblock sites at work or university.

Bypass restrictions in internet censorship countries.

Unblock YouTube videos unavailable in your country.

Security mogul:

Secure public WiFi access.

Prevent targeted hacking.

Hide your physical location.

Improved file transfer security.

Online shopper:

Access foreign prices online.

Extra security during transactions.

Prevent cyber thieves from targeting your wealth.

Privacy defender:

Stop corporate tracking.

Keep cyberstalkers at bay.

Stay private from your ISP.

Protect against government surveillance.

Remove digital trail when surfing or downloading.

The foreigner abroad:

Restore home language and settings.

Appear to still be based at home.

Access home-only sites and services.

Global Business:

Protect against industrial espionage.

Research adverts by country.

SEO and SEM research by location.

Stamp all communication with the city and country of your choice.

Why idcloak?

Easy VPN setup and use

Step by step instructions on safe download, installation and setup, with customer support at the ready should you need it. Intuitive software practically sets itself up.

Intuitive Map-based software

Attractive, user-serving software with searchable map permits easy server switching. VPN exceptions menu allows direct connection to selected sites without VPN rerouting.

High-speed unlimited download

Load-balancing always connects you to the fastest server in any data center. Speed ping tests to different server locations. Unlimited download plan for data-heavy tasks.

Privacy switching

Automatic switching between proxy locations at time intervals you set. Geographically distribute your internet entry-points to evade web tracking.

Data protection

OpenVPN with 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Automatic kill-switch cuts internet in the event VPN connection is lost, preventing unprotected web access.

Close customer support

Live chat support; optional remote maintenance; a forum community for peer advice and over 900 educational articles in the idcloak Knowledge Center.

No IP logs

idcloak is registered in the US because, unlike Europe, American law does not require VPN providers to keep IP logs.

VPN Server Locations

Australia flagCanada flagGermany flagNetherlands flagUnited Kingdom flagJapan flagUnited States flag