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License: Freeware no usage limitations that we can see

In a nutshell, alkasir is a program that works together with its website ( and proxy servers to allow users to circumvent (bypass) censorship of URLs. It is predominantly used by persons in countries where there is censorship of political content such as news, opinion articles, blog entries, forum discussions, political videos, etc.

The development of alkasir was motivated out of the desire to create a free circumvention solution aimed at supporting freedom of expression and access to information in countries suffering from political oppression. That explains why alkasir, unlike other circumvention programs, only allows the circumvention of some content based on a clear and strict policy, which can be found here.

The software also has the ability to track censorship of reported URLs to periodically verify if they continue to be blocked or got unblocked. Such a function enables it to measure the trends of Internet filtering in a practical way.  Thanks to several open-source projects online, as their contribution has been vital in the development of this program. Here are some names that deserve acknowledgement: Simon Tatham and the PuTTY team, Skybound and the GeckoFX team, Mozilla Project, Starksoft, Chilkatsoft, Tamir Gal (SharpSSH), plus numerous coders who contributed directly or indirectly.

We tried this out just, Maybe were missing the point here but it does not work with the 12 torrent websites blocked in the UK.
We have contacted them about this to get their answer, but its still a nice utility for other countries to access websites their isp’s are blocking.

We will update this page when we have more information.