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Contact Them: Submit a Ticket system on their website
License: Free unlimited usage for 24 months (3hr dis-connects) / £6.99 Per Month Premium

UPDATE: They Also have on their website completely FREE to use, Their own built in Web Proxy for unlimited usage via their site

Offering 1GB of encrypted traffic per month on the free package, CyberGhost is another Windows-only VPN client. In order to use the service you are required to register for a free account which unfortunately does not allow you to pick and choose your servers. Ideal for web surfing, but not a dedicated file sharing solution. they have however got a nice deal going buy 12 months get 12 months free! and they have removed for now the bandwidth limitations so it’s unlimited BUT it disconnects after 2 hours use, again another great service for bypassing network censorship.


CyberGhost takes care of your unmistakable IP address and changes it from a license plate, which can clearly identify you to every website operator as well as to your own provider, to just a piece of metal you share with thousands of other Internet users. No spying eye will be able to tell you from surfers, who hit the Internet at the same time as you: You are anonymized! Or cyberghosted, like we use to say.


Once ghosted, you can roam the Internet freely and uncensored, visit geo restricted web sites, watch blocked videos and investigate all topics of interest unhindered from your government, your school, your university or your employer. A simple example: If a content item, like a music video clip, is not available in your country, just log-in to one of our outside-your-country servers and virtually become an inhabitant of the respective nation. It’s just as easy as that.


CyberGhost VPN not just only anonymizes you. It encodes all data leaving your computer as well. You can look at your connection between you and the CyberGhost network as a tunnel with unbreakable solid walls, which hides all your data from spying eyes on public WLANs, Hot Spots and Internet cafés. And CyberGhost does not only concentrate on your browser: all Internet applications will be secured this way. It’s nearly like walking invisible through Central Park at midnight, with your wallet wide open, and nothing will harm you. Cause nobody sees you!