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License: Freeware, No limitations using GTalk/Skype/TOR (Read below)

How It Works

GTunnel is a  Windows application that works as a local HTTP or SOCKS proxy server. After setting proxy to GTunnel in web browser or other Internet applications, the traffic will go through GTunnel and our server farm before it reaches its original destination. GTunnel protects Internet users’ privacy and freedom of speech in these ways:

  • User’s IP address is hidden and user’s Internet privacy protected. The destination servers see GTunnel server addresses instead.
  • Traffic content is encrypted with industry-strength algorithms between the user’s PC and GTunnel servers so the local filtering/censorship systems will not see the content in clear-text format.
  • Blockade of target servers circumvented.





  • Easy to use user interface, English-Chinese dual language support, automatic recognition of OS language
  • Local HTTP/Socks5 proxy (UDP is not supported yet) with intelligent recognition of HTTP/Socks5 protocol
  • Automatic configuration of both global (system-wide) and per-instance proxy setting in Internet Explorer
  • Support multiple transport modes to provide high service availability and flexibility in various network environment. In the standard mode, GTunnel will connect to servers of our server farm directly. In Skype Mode, GTunnel will try to connect via the P2P (Peer To Peer) network of Skype. In Tor mode, GTunnel connects throuph Tor nodes and adds security to Tor users. In GTunnel Tor mode, even the Tor exit node owners do not see the original traffic.
  • Automatic software upgrade
  • 128 bit industry strength data encryption with highly randomized traffic pattern
  • Runs on Linux through Wine.

Now this software was created for china, So since people all over the world have been using it they have decided to only allow Chinese people to use their own servers, so if you try to use this in the UK it won’t connect. On further investigation we found if you have TOR/SKYPE/GTalk installed it uses their services to then connect and the software does actually work again, You can find more information about this on their website.

Q: What do I need to use GTunnel’s Google Talk mode?
A: You need to have a Google account, and type in the user name and password in GTunnel.

Q: What happens to the Google Talk password I use with GTunnel
A: It’s only for GTunnel to establish a tunnel via GoogleTalk. We do not log your password and do not use it for any other purposes.