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License: Free Open source project This is not an actual VPN service keep reading below.

OpenVPN is NOT a FREE VPN Service, It’s an Open Source Client/Server that other company’s who offer their own VPN Services¬†sometimes use to connect their users to their systems, (Saves them creating their own GUI clients). it’s quite complicated really.

Its really hard to explain this so going to try this method, Think of it as a wire frame structure or a vessels that lazy VPN services
who cannot be bothered to create their own VPN Software (GUI) Applications, Can cut costs down to their subscribers by just
getting them to install the custom open source VPN Software called “OpenVPN” (It’s completely Free)

 So how does this work with VPN Providers?

Since it’s an Open Source Free Software, lots of vpn companies give their subscribers usernames/passwords/connect info
the subscriber would then download OpenVPN Install it then just enter the details into the program.

The users hits connect, Their now connected to their VPN Service via this software,
A lot of VPN Services use this method as well as their own clients/software too.

A Lot of FREE VPN services also use this as a vessel for connecting their users to their servers. & VPNBook for example are both completely free services that use this option.
Well.. OpenVPN For free services that use it is mandatory… but our opinion we hate it.

More and more free VPN Services are now leaning towards using this general custom VPN Software.
For more information please visit their website to learn more, but it won’t make any sense tbh.

They really do not explain, That this isn’t a VPN to use straight away using their own servers
it’s just a Generic Software package to use, so other services can be lazy and not create their own software.