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License: 100mb Free Data (With extra 100mb free for referrals) / Then blocks of 50GB at $12.00 USD

Better Safe Than Sorry
SECURITY: Secure your data to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks >>more
PRIVACY: Protect your privacy from criminals accessing your information >>more
PROTECTION: Protect against malware and malicious attacks >>more
ACCESSIBILITY: Access any web content no matter where you live >>more

Pricing for your Data Transfer

Pay only for data you transfer
No monthly fees
Your available Data Transfer never expires
Unlimited Connected Devices Per Account

This is not the best VPN to go with since it’s not unlimited usage for even paying customers.
But the silver lining is this, The 100mb free data plan is for 100mb of Data download.

IF you just use this to connect to the blocked websites then grab your .torrent/magnet link
then disconnect, it would take you a month to use up 100mb of just connecting to a domain name.

While connected to the vpn, Keep signing up under a new email for a new free 100mb data plan each month.