softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Unblocker.me
Download Link: n/a
Homepage: http://unblocker.me
Contact Them: none needed
License: Free Web Proxy Server to use (Powered by Glype)

Really nice small and works, All 12 blocked UK torrent sites load instantly using this proxy site.
You just enter the address and hit go! They also offer you a secure HTTPS:// service too which
makes it even harder for your isp to block you. Give it a shot! you won’t be sorry.

Unblocker is a free web based proxy. You can browse the web anonymously with Unblocker proxy. Your privacy will be protected. Your computer will also be protected from malcious scripts and trojans. You can browse any site by using unblocker. Unblocker allows you to bypass any kind of network filters. Your favorite sites like facebook, myspace, etc. can be browsed using unblocker.

Your ip address is like your signature in the internet world. If you expose your ip address, your personal information can be misused in many ways. Protecting your privacy with hidden IPs is a necessity. You should avoid websites and malwares from tracking your geographic location, ip address, personal information, etc.

With Unblocker, you are protecting your privacy and personal information. Unblocker removes malicious scripts, virus, worms, trozans etc. from entering your PC. Unblocker enhances your Security. Unblocker acts as a web filtering server. Your web browsing history will also become untraceable. Unbocker is also a website unblocker which runs on a dedicated server and makes it reliable and faster.

Unblocker is a free proxy based on Glype. Unblocker is a mediator between the sites and the end user. Therefore, there’s no direct interaction between site’s web server and the user. Hence, the usage information of the user is not traceable. Also, ip address of unblocker replaces that of user and hides the users ip address.