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Contact Them: Feedback form on their website
License: 1GB per account Free trial / Paid 5 euro 30 days access.

Their service is great for just bypassing dns/ip blocks in the UK,
Their 1GB trial account if you somehow use it up has this feature

What if I reach my allowed traffic quota?

You can still use TorVPN: just enable the transparent TOR tunnel! But remember, you never know who’s reading that (and it’s much, much slower). Please understand that there are no guarantees made for free accounts. If there are too many accounts that disrupt the service of paying users or keep potential customers from signing up, free accounts may be deactivated. However, we will do our best to filter multiple registrations and allow for as many people to use the service for free as possible.

The VPN Service Provider

TorVPN is a VPN service provider offering a quick and simple solution for accessing the internet without content filters.
Find out why.

TorVPN is great for bypassing strict content filters, browsing the web anonymously, securing your VOIP communications or remote access to your home/office workstation.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started!


A useful VPN service

   > Our fast server enables you to see the internet through our eyes – without censorship.
   > In China? Configure your VPN user to only route Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
   > Not admin? No problem! Use SSH tunnelling to create a dynamic SOCKS proxy.
   > Combine features: enter with SSH, tunnel a VPN connection, enable transparent TOR.
   > Using Macintosh, Linux or Android? No problem! OpenVPN is supported on all platforms.
   > Option to access .onion sites through the VPN with ease.
What we have

   > An OpenVPN server. A transparent solution for encrypted communication..
   > An SSH server. Connect securely, use SSH tunnelling or port forwarding.
   > A PPTP VPN server. Connect to TorVPN with the built-in Windows private networking.
   > A SOCKS proxy. You can easily set up your browser to use it directly.
   > A TOR proxy. A SOCKS proxy that uses the TOR network.
   > A control panel with advanced features.

If you need a fast VPN, look no further. The TorVPN proxy server does not limit your bandwidth. It is a fair and reliable proxy server with great support. Put it to the test!