Registry Key Jumper

Registry is the heart of the windows operating system and modifying the Registry is not easy but sometimes is necessary , such as you may want to make a customization or repair a registry key or just want to use a Registry trick that you need , Registry Key Jumper v1.0 simplifies the navigation of your registry , it is a Portable Freeware Application


How it works:
Download and run RegJump.exe then Select any Registry key (You don’t have to copy it, just select) and click Ctrl + Alt + X , registry key location will be opened automatically , If you copy all the text including a registry key , Registry Key Jumper automatically eliminate the text and will open the registry key locatin.
Example: Copy the following registry key and click the JUmp button
if you copy following registry key , and click Ctrl + Alt + X
Registry Key Jumper will utomatically open the correct key

1. There is a favorite Registry key list , you can add a new key or delete one of them (just right click)


2. You can easily Import – Export the registry key list or you can export it as HTML


3. To modify the registry Key list you can use the List menü too , plus you can search a Registry key or create a Desktop Shortcut


4. You can reach the Options under the Settings menu ,  here  you can use “Always On top” or “Hide Windows on Startup”  usw.  options too


5. If you Click the Options menu (Under the Settings) , you will see “Registry Editor Options” you can modify any of them or you can change the Jump hotkeys. it supports many other Registry editors (Not Only regedit) , to change default registry editor go to Settings > Options and Apply the Appropriate settings


6. If you Right click Registry Key Jumper’s system tray icon you will reach the following options


If you need a Freeware tool to Quickly open any Registry key you will like “Registry Key Jumper”
Supported systems: Windows xp , vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 – X86 , X64

Registry Key Jumper – x86 , Virus Total Report
CRC32: f8fec55e
SHA1: 72d879a18b1721285a6d66a9cef2a69113f3a3ce
MD5: 7f45a1f4fc8dbd4fe9d48708e691d732

Registry Key Jumper – x64 , Virus Total Report
CRC32: bc41989f
SHA1: 55f05a52dc3e29cd0cc5295f55d83901e31dd804
MD5: 3c4258611bee8bac48b5fdda6e579860