Supercharge your internet experience.

ProxMate is the swiss knife for accessing pages! A free application that boosts and proxies page content for you. Just like that!

To give a little summary, ProxMate works on…

* …Grooveshark
* …Youtube (Not working in US countries)
* …Pandora
* …MTV
* …Turntable.FM
* …
* …Netflix
* …CBS / NBC / FOX
* …Songza
* …Crunchyroll
* …Google Play / All Access
* …brings you the full US google play store
* …allows you to set your own proxy

… and much much more!

ProxMate will become bigger and bigger based on your requests!
Do you have any other sites you’d like to see in proxmate? Just contact us!

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ProxMate – Improve your Internet!

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