Simply the best proxy interface for chrome.
Toggle your proxy settings.  Easy to use, simple interface.  Save alternate proxies, or force the use of direct connection.

Use Cases
* Privoxy.
* Firewall avoidance.
* Anonymous Proxies.
* Developing offline websites.

* 1.3.5 Chinese translation update.
* 1.3.3 Turkish translation update.
* 1.3.2 Open options page on installation for new users.
* 1.3.0 Updated manifest for lower resource usage.  Color changes to red on proxy error.
* 1.2.5 German translation.  Better badge colors.
* 1.2.4 Turkish translation
* 1.2.3 Added link to google+ page to get more feedback.
* 1.2.2 Internationalized strings, initial attempt at a Chinese translation.
* 1.2.1 Fixed bug in migration of data storage.
* 1.2 Redesigned options page.  Allow saving alternate proxies.
* 1.1.4 Added a button for resetting proxy settings.
* 1.1.3 Fixed bug in applying per-protocol proxies.  Updated manifest for better security.
* 1.1.2 Fixed bug in clearing proxy settings when in incognito-only mode.
* 1.1.1 Removed unneeded permissions.  State persists across restarts.
* 1.1 Web store release
* 1.0 Initial github release.  Limited to dev. channel.