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Proxy List Addon for Browsers – Google Chrome & Firefox

In order to provide users with a more elegant and user centric solution, we came up with the proxy list addon – an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The proxy list addon is quite an extraordinary one and will help proxy users to eliminate the headache of finding working proxies. Built with the aim of consistency, performance and user-friendliness, this extension has all that you need for anonymous surfing.

Latest Version: Proxy List 2.0

Last Updated: 08-25-2012

This addon is not only a complete replacement for proxy top sites but also a better approach of finding faster and working proxies. Proxy users will never need to find working proxies again as it searches the fastest proxies automatically. The key features of the extension are highlighted here.

  • Retrieves a list of latest working proxies automatically. Powered by the rss feed of, this extension provides the latest working proxies through a seamless experience. The feed is fetched in background when the browser is first launched and therefore, the user doesn’t have to wait for long. User can also refresh the listing by clicking the “Refresh” button available in the popup.
  • Each proxy is then checked for accessibility. To make sure that the listed proxy is not blocked and working properly, a request is made to each proxy server and all inaccessible proxies are filtered out. Each proxy is checked for our backlink to ensure that it is a valid proxy. Therefore, in the end, the user gets only those proxies which works from his/her computer.
  • Proxies are also listed in order of speed / latency. Each proxy is then listed in order of the response time. The site whose response is first received is listed first. This makes it even better for the user because the fastest proxies are on the top. This has an exception in case of premium proxies as premium proxies are always listed on the top.¬†However, the premium proxies are also listed in order of speed amongst them.
  • Limit the number of proxies: Users can limit the number of proxies that are listed in the addon. This is particularly helpful in saving your bandwidth by limiting the number of proxies. When the limit is set to a small number such as 5, only 5 http requests will be sent by the addon and therefore, less http traffic. However, the http requests are very optimized and most of the time, users should not feel any performance issue.
  • Filter by Country: Proxies can be filtered by countries. Sometimes, users need to browse with only proxies from a particular country. This is made easy with country filter which is available in the latest addon.
  • Filter by Script: Users can also filter the proxies with the script that the website uses. This is useful if you are looking for a particular type of proxy like Glype or Cgiproxy.
  • User specific Blacklisting: User can blacklist any proxy from the list. Some user might be be unhappy with a few proxies which doesn’t work properly for the sites they want to browse. In such a case, they can blacklist such proxies.
  • Premium Proxy Service Integrated: Users can now surf with premium proxy service from Premium proxy service includes fast and reliable Http proxies. Click here to sign up for Premium Proxies.