cycle through your proxy settings

TunnelSwitch is chrome extension allows you manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly and easily Switchy is pretty good, but the auto switch mode seems not work for me, so I made this TunnelSwitch.

The default setting shows that how I use TunnelSwitch with a ssh tunnel proxy listened on port 8527 at localhost. I have 3 modes in the default setting. DIRECT, all traffic goes directly without proxy PAC FILE, I use pac file to define the URL patterns those should be proxied with ssh tunnel, GFWed sites typically (facebook, twitter, youtube… ) .

I provide a example pac file in default settings, you can download it and change it for your own sake. I usually stay in this mode. When I visit the GFWed sites, the traffic goes through ssh tunnel automatically. FIXED SERVER, socks5,,8527, all traffic goes through the ssh tunnel Though I mainly use this extension with socks5 proxy, Other proxy schemas http/https/socks4 are also supported.