Combines everything necessary for managing and using proxies in Firefox browser: easy proxy usage, custom http referrers, clear browser cache, remove browser and flash cookies and other useful features.

About this Add-on

Dear Friends,We are glad to introduce you our FireProxy add-on and hope that you will find it useful for your needs. Please feel free to contact us about any new features you would like to see in our add-on.


  • Easy proxy usage: proxy is automatically updated when you update text box in status bar;
  • Easy proxy type selection: HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5;
  • Toggle on/off proxy state with one click;
  • Clipboard listener: when you copy proxy in browser window it is automatically added as your current proxy;
  • Allows to send custom HTTP_REFERRER header to website you are visiting;
  • Clear browser cache;
  • Remove browser and flash cookies;
  • Easy to use context and toolbar menus;
  • Keyboard shortcuts.


  • Alt + A – toggle on/off proxy state;
  • Alt + 1 – set HTTP(S) proxy type;
  • Alt + 2 – set SOCKS4 proxy type;
  • Alt + 3 – set SOCKS5 proxy type;
  • Alt + M – edit referrers;
  • Alt + C – clear cache;
  • Alt + R – remove browser and flash cookies;



If you have any questions or faced some problem or would like to add some feature, please visit our website ( and use ‘Contact Us’ form there. Please do not post your questions in reviews.