How to remove IP's from the Windows IP Security (IPSec)

Block IP Tool
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If you have used the – Block IP Tool to block IP’s on your system
and need unblock some of those IP’s then follow this short guide.

Step 1: Open the mmc.

Step 2: In the MMC you wil go to file and add snap in.

Step 3:
Click the “Add” button.

Step 4:
In the list choose “IP Security Policy Management” and then click “Add”.

Step 5:
Choose “Local Computer” and then click “Finish”

Step 6:
Click “Close” and then click “OK”

Step 7:
You will now see “Blocked IP’s By – Block IP Tool” Double click this to edit it.

Step 8:
Double click “Blocked IP’s By – Block IP Tool” under “IP Security rules” to edit it.

Step 9:
Double click “Blocked IP’s By – Block IP Tool” under “IP Filter List” to edit it.

Step 10:
Here you will see each IP that has been blocked by the program. You can simply choose each IP you want to remove and click the remove button.