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Contact Them: Support Ticket service on their website
License: Free onsite Web Proxy to useĀ 

Free cheese, right?

With free Online Anonymizer you have to put a particuliar URL into “URL” and push the button “Connect” each time when you want to visit a site being anonymous and protected.

What is Online Anonymizer and how can I use it?

Online Anonymizer is a free online tool that helps any Internet user to surf the Internet being protected.

Why should I protect myself?

The thing is that when you’re visiting different sites on the Internet, you show the website’s owners your real IP and other information.

Who cares about my personal information?

Of course good webmasters never use this information to harm you. But how can we guess who is good and who is bad? That’s why the best way to be fully protected is to use services like this Online Anonymizer.