EZTV.it Blocked


The UK ISP’s have now just blocked EZTV this is another website in the UK we can no longer access.
This is getting stupid now and it’s time for the people who’s paying the ISP’s to fight back with their wallets.

CALL your ISP Complain and get £8.00 of your monthly bill!

I’m a UK ISP customer so i called them up and explained i’m going to cut my internet off
when they asked why i told them its useless having 100mbit fast connection that i cannot do anything with!

They asked me what they could do as they also don’t agree with the blocks thats been put in place either
i asked them to knock £6.00 of my monthly bills since that 6 quid now has to go to a VPN Provider.

They was a little baffled at first but when i explained i needed to subscribe to a network in the usa
that allows me to use their broadband once again at full speed with no restrictions like back in 1990
they agreed and now my bills is £6.00 less which now goes towards the cost of the VPN service per month.


IF everyone thought like me and phoned their ISP and told them listen my broadband is useless now
and your going to leave them, i am told they will reduce your bill upto £8.50 per month per customer!

Very soon their won’t be any need or reason to have broadband super fast connection speeds!
your just as well moving to the lowest package they offer otherwise your wasting all your money on nothing.

Well it worked for me so I’m happy! now i can surf the internet like the Americans can!