Call your ISP NOW!!

this is not an advert

I will make this quick! Call your local ISP and complain to them right now get on the phone ASAP!,

Explain since all the websites are blocked you cannot use your fast broadband connection to download,
So you have now decided you cannot justify any longer paying monthly for the top-tier 100mbit service.

Even threaten to leave them be very assertive and abrupt about this. DO NOT back down keep going.
Eventually they ask if there is anything they can do to change your mind?

Tell them you want £6.00 knocked off your bill a month as this money you need to then use to buy
a USA VPN Subscription to be-able to use your connection once again without the UK restrictions

If they argue and say sorry no, Then go on to explain how it’s completely un-fair to now have to pay a 3rd party company extra money to be-able to use my own broadband connection for what it was intended for, Even explain to them you know your not the only customer who’s called up complaining today they will agree with you there’s been 100’s of customers doing the same thing.

I have now got my ISP Provider to knock of £8.50p per month of my bill
(And this money i’ve put towards buying a monthly American VPN Subscription)

DO NOT let the ISP Get away with charging you the same money for your broadband with them full well knowing you cannot use it since they’ve blocked all the websites in the UK. Tell all your friends who’s on a UK ISP to also do the same, and tell them to also tell their friends to do the same too.

Why should they get away restricting access on their services, Blocking us all from viewing websites while we’re still paying them the EXACT same money per month that we did before they restricted us?

Do you think this is fair??? i sure don’t so i did something about it!!

And now you can too! Show them by restricting our access using their services we want a reduction in cost..
it’s only fair! they pay the extra money for the VPN Provider!