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License: Freeware / Open source project Forked.

One-To-Many sharing application. Serverless. Eliminates the need to fully upload your file to services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Put your file and start sharing immediately with anyone that enters the page. Pure javascript-based. No plugins needed thanks to HTML5 WebRTC Data Channel API –

How does it work

Sharefest operates on a mesh network similar to Bittorrent network. The main difference is that currently the peers are coordinated using an intelligent server. This coordinator controls which parts are sent from A to B and who shall talk with whom. Peer5 Coordinator (or any other solution) is used to accomplish this. Each peer will connect to few other peers in order to maximize the distribution of the file. Supporting Chrome (>26, now stable) and Firefox (>19)

First version includes a simple page that one user will drag a file onto to share, and other users will enter the first user’s url and start downloading the file.

test it out at:


Quick setup after cloning

install nodejs cd into sharefest root directory and do “npm install” run node server.js


Sharefest started by Peer5 at the SV DevFest 2012 hackathon (San Jose). It was soon open sourced to GitHub and now being developed by Peer5 and a community of great WebRTC hackers.


Apache 2.0 – see LICENSE file