Normally i just find content take a snapshot of the services logo, Copy and paste some text from their website
And move onto the next application/service etc.. but today i am actually going to review this one of a kind search engine.

Why is it one of a kind?

It’s the only search engine in the world that is exactly how it says “Private” most search engines boast about being private
but nothing exists like this search engine it’s one of the best search engines because of 1 feature that blows the rest away.

What’s the 1 feature.. come on don’t keep us waiting..

Below is a screenshot i just took when i searched for thepiratebay normally any search engine would give you
the results linking to http://thepiratebay.sx but this search engine does something much much better.

Check the screenshot below.. can you see what it is yet?


Can you see what’s got me so excited yet? why this Search engine is the best in the world???
Look Closely … there’s 1 feature this engine has that’s completely FREE to use that no other engine has.

Still cannot see it? “Proxy”

Yep that’s right each search result comes back with an option to browse the website using their own Proxy.
And YES clicking the “Proxy” button on the search result for thepiratebay.sx does take you to the piratebay!

The only search engine of it’s kind that offers users a completely FREE proxy server to access blocked websites!
When they say it’s got privacy at the forfront of their design idea they really mean it.. it’s not just words or a slogan!

So from now on.. this search engine is my choice Google can go jump whistle and fall of the end of the docks.

Wait there’s More!!! How can there be more!!

You can even ADD add their Search widget into the default Google Toolbar within Firefox.


Now you don’t have to keep loading up their http:// URL every-time you want to use their search engine.
This i feel is how all search engines are going to be in the future i really hope I’m right (About the proxy part)

They are now setting the precedent in the future of all search engines unless something drastic happens.
in my view i would suggest everyone who’s blocked in the UK to move over to the newest search on the block.
Now you can dump those expensive VPN services and start browsing blocked websites directly from a search result.