Setup a Reverse Proxy – Windows


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License: Freeware open source project community driven.

The guys over at proxybay have made a nice little script for people on windows to run their own
Reverse Proxy to help other users around the world who’s blocked from accessing the website.

It’s so simple anyone who is not blocked from visiting without a VPN
can run this on their Windows machine! Then anyone who is blocked can use your server to bypass the block.

It’s basically a nginx for windows installer but “pre-configuredalready to run your own reverse proxy.
Just download the file by clicking here then follow these very simple instructions below.

1.) You need to forward “port 80” on your router/firewall to the IP Address of the computer
That’s running the nginx reverse proxy! (This guide about Apache will help as it uses the same port)

2.) open “nginx.conf” in the conf directory and change where it says
to your external IP address or hostname, If you don’t have a static IP address, use a service like

click on “start.bat” (Just as simple as that!)

You now should have running a fully functional proxy that you can share online to help other users out.

Remember This will only work if your ISP has not blocked The Pirate Bay, if they have then your proxy
will be serving their block page rather than the actual Pirate Bay site. If your ISP has blocked it and
you need to access The Pirate Bay, check out this list of proxies


There’s nothing stopping you from editing this simple script and swap out address
with another website address of your choosing maybe kickasstorrents or h33t or