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License: Open Source Project, Community driven.

We have released a working version of SamProxy specially for Colleges who facing all site blocking from college..
This proxy will open anything and also save your identity from your administrator
I have tested it with Wireshrak it could’nt identify my packates 🙂
Walchand College Of Engg:-
Developed By 2010BIT

Password:= 2010bit

(First step depends on your organisation)
1.Login to your account like cyberoam
2.First download SamProxy 1.0 From web or goto and download latest version
3.Install it
3.Run Shortcut from your desktop

4.Open any browser (Most preferable firefox)
5.In firefox network setting add proxy And port 48100
6.Bash!! You are free to open anything on web 🙂 without knowing who you are