softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: DiChecker
Download Link: http://www.dcsproxy.com/proxy-tools/24246-dichecker-v-1-2-multiline-heck-proxy.html
Homepage: http://www.dcsproxy.com/proxy-tools/24246-dichecker-v-1-2-multiline-heck-proxy.html
Contact Them: n/a
License: Freeware Project

– Multiline check a proxy
– Support and check Socks 4/5, HTTP a proxy
– An opportunity to expose timeout for check and by that to receive the fastest proxies.
– Removal of duplicates from the list
– Removal of dust from the list (it is possible to insert any text containing dust)
– An option of change URL for the check. By means of it you can сhecks a proxy under the resources necessary to you!
– Autopreservation of adjustments (streams, timeout)
– The interface of the program is improved, some mistakes are corrected
– The mistake is cleaned at closing the program (Invalid Pointer Operation)
– Support Windows 7 x64