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License: Freeware But the project has finished (App still works though)

Sometimes it is necessary to face a problem of search of a plenty of a proxy for what or the purposes. In an Internet there are the sites giving such lists – is paid, is free-of-charge. With paid problems are not present. But with free-of-charge it is a lot of problems. Usually these lists are placed with splitting on 10, 20, etc. a proxy on different pages, or with any minor information: dividers of a host and port, additional data (the country, speed). And in general: proxy these constantly die, hence lists are often updated. It is necessary to make with the certain periodicity the list anew. To sit and make this manually – long and tiresomely. For automatization of this process just also it is intended ProxyGrab. It will load and scans the specified pages in an Internet and will make the convenient list.