ProxyWay Extra


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Homepage: Project was closed down
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License: Freeware (Project no longer exists)

ProxyWay is a proxy tool that helps you not only surf the web while remaining anonymous for the time being, but also search for new proxies on the Internet and check them automatically.

You may not know where to start when you first launch the application, but that’s all right because ProxyWay also comprises a comprehensive help file with lots of information on every single feature.

First of all, ProxyWay supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5, with a very simple way to enable a specific proxy in your web browser and thus stay on the safe side.

What’s more, the program features a dedicated proxy finder utility that automatically checks a proxy list and displays information such as speed, anonymity, port and country. Unfortunately, the user needs to manually input new proxy lists, so it does not comprise a collection of links to be checked automatically.

Last but not least, it is compatible with the most popular web browsers on the market, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Firefox.

There’s a settings menu as well, letting you customize the proxy finder tool and the protocols you wish to use, with a dedicated “Save” button to automatically save your settings.

As said, the help manual may come in handy to many users out there, as it comprises information concerning every single feature included in the app, so have a look in there if you need an answer to a certain tool.

Overall, ProxyWay is an effective piece of software that serves its purpose very well, while remaining friendly with hardware resources all the time. It works just fine on all Windows versions and can be safely installed by beginners and more experienced users alike.