Bulk Proxy Checker


softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Bulk Proxy Checker
Download Link: http://mkssoft.com/product/bulk_proxy_checker.html
Homepage: http://mkssoft.com
Contact Them: Support@mkssoft.com
License: Freeware Project (Could change in the future though)

Bulk Proxy Checker is free utility allow you to check Proxy  from proxy list .

Long Description :

This is free utility that allow you to check bulk Proxy list,  if you have bulk proxy list then it is very difficult to set proxy in browser setting and check proxy for particular web url, here is solution this utility check proxy list for specified web URL and also show country of proxy. And then easily save it in text and excel file format

Features :

1)  Load Proxy list from text file

2)  Start and Stop checking Proxy list

3)  support to check HTTPS proxy

4)  Show country of proxy of all proxy list

5)  Save only valid Proxies countrywise in excel  and text file format.

6)  Show log information of all records.