FRP-Agent (Reverse Proxy)


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License: Freeware completely UN-restricted!!

hat it isFRP-Agent is a HTTP/1.0 compatible web proxy for Windows. It is reliable, extremely lightweight and memory efficent. Included is an Easy-Setup program; it will assist you in getting the Agent up and running quickly.

what it can do

FRP-Agent features a Dynamic URL Translation System (fakeydb).

fakeydb allows you to send people browsing specific URLs to another file on another server. The translation is internal to the proxy, that is, the browser’s “URL Location:” bar will remain the same.


    Potential uses could be:

  • funny jokes you can play, by replacing content of well-known web-site home-pages with your own.
  • displaying look-alike pages to fool L-users into entering passwords
  • there are many more..

example fakeydb setup

what else it can do (advanced uses)


spyware An FRP-Agent may be deployed with a specific URL (PTR URL) to access at regular,timed intervals. The URL will contain the IP of a tracker server. The freshly pulled tracker server address will then get notified of the agent’s status. This way, you may create a network of FRP-Agents, and maintain an updated listing of their IPs.
remote administration changes to all aspects of an Agent’s configuration (including Agent Tracking and fakeydb systems) can be made against a running (live) agent by sending specially designed request objects at it.