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License: Freeware (UN-Restricted! Anti Censorship Tool!)

Recently the commercial Police STOLE! Yes you read that right, STOLE! The domain & hosting account.
From the original project owner. This was done, without any due course of process! Like actually getting
A court order, to deem the service actually against the LAW.

But this didn’t stop the commercial police, from taking the law into their own hands, if you visit the original project.
You will see, A website that the police has put up in it’s place, instead of the original. Apparently it’s now “illegal”
(and I use that term loosely) to be a proxy server lol.

In other words, if you allow someone’s connection to pass through you’re own servers before reaching the destination.
You can be arrested. Even though the rest of the world and all it’s people can just browse to the same websites
un-restricted / un-censored completely legal to do btw.

But doing the exact same thing as their doing, passing traffic through a proxy, Is enough to have you arrested LMAO!

I was even thinking of running the exact same script, which would allow me to clone this service.
But my hosts against running a proxy. So I say well done to this new clone, I hope and wish them all the best.
No doubt the same thing will happen to them, lets hope not.

The moral of this story, if you run a website/proxy, contact you’re hosting / domain name provider.
And inform them of the enemy. Quickly ask them, if they got a letter from these fake police, would they
Just hand you’re website/domain over without a court order etc?

Well the LAW says, before anything happens a due process has to be carried out. So they legally need a court order to do this.
And no court in the land (unless bribed) will convict someone of running a service, that just allows traffic to pass through it.

“The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

– John Gilmore

Censorship is dangerous. It oppresses citizens and harms free speech.

We’re living in a nanny state. In modern Britain, the government decides what websites we can and can’t see. It is the same in many other countries. Some people thought this is unacceptable, so they started a service called Immunicity.

The City of London Police, controlled by the “copyright cult” who embraces Internet censorship, arrested the creator of Immunicity; thus Immunicity got killed. An anonymous developer decided to implement his own version, cloning the design of Immunicity thanks to the Internet Archive. And thus, was born!

Once you configure your browser, requests to blocked websites will be seamlessly routed via to get unblocked. All other requests will go directly to their destination, without being routed through our servers. Please note, we do not condone piracy. Torrenting is legal; downloading pirated material is not. is completely free to use, it doesn’t require any registration or any software to be installed. You can turn it on and off easily by reversing the setting change. For more info, see how it works.

Common questions we get asked are in the FAQ. Start using today by configuring your browser.