My IP Banned


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License: Freeware, free to use no restrictions.

Seem’s this guy has so many clones of this service, all on different domain names! Down with censorship! yee haw!

You cannot access a website ?

If your IP address is banned and you cannot access websites like,, do not panic! You can use this fast proxy site to unblock access to any blocked website, for free. If a website has banned your IP address and now you cannot access it

The perfect proxy to unban your IP address

This proxy service is the perfect online proxy tool to unblock websites blocked in your country or blocked by other Internet restrictions, such as a firewall software or a hosts file modification. Remember, if your favorite website or a web forum has blocked/banned your IP address you can use this proxy to bypass the ban and access the website or forum that blocked you. Of course, make sure to not spam or do anything illegal!

How is this possible ? I don’t understand

That is a simple task: you only need to use a web proxy site that can mask your IP address with the proxy IP address. Doing so, the website that blocked your IP address cannot identify your IP address and you’ll be able to access the website via the proxy. I hope that now you better understand how you can benefit from this service. This web proxy is very fast, so you can browse the websites without too much delays.