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Contact Them:  (Good luck ever getting a reply)
License: Freeware (The best tool ever! To actually create censorship by far!)

Normally, you read featured software/services that I post… Well boy do we have a great one today folks!
There’s a service just popped up called, that allows you to run your very own proxy for free!
Simple as copy and paste, a few lines of code into your own website. And instantly you have you’re own service!

That’s great right? Well it would be, if the owner of the site didn’t have his hosting provider based in the UK!

That’s right! So you’ve guessed what’s happening now right? People in their hundreds, are now putting this script
Onto their own websites, thinking their helping to defeat censorship. When in-fact their now helping to create it!

Since the owners servers are located in the UK, EVERY blocked website in the UK, and Europe, is obviously still blocked!
So anyone placing this free script snippet on their websites is now helping every day to create more censorship lol.

So people who’s previously used a working proxy script, has now decided to change their script to this one instead.
Only this new script is useless because of where the owner has his hosting server the script’s running on!

Well you’re now saying… OMG do they not check it’s working before offering this service? Do the people not even check too?
Well that’s a good question. So I’ve now contacted the company involved about this, I’ve sent them 9 emails now.

Not a single reply back from them, and as you can imagine the more this problem exists, the more people are using it.
I’ve investigated this further, and found out this company, is actually part of

So IF you’re using this script on your own website PLEASE remove it! You’re helping to create censorship!
So if you’re thinking about using this script DON’T!

The more people who contact this person, the better, as he might actually listen to a few of you!
Please use the contact link in the top header, it will take you directly to his website/contact form.

Good Luck!