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There is now quite a LOT of free open web proxies people have setup, the problem is, they all look the same.
And to be quiet honest, they are starting to look boring in their designs and layouts.

Well not anymore. You need to check out this free web proxy! Not only does it work correctly.
But it really does look very pleasing to the eye. Here’s what the author has wrote about his proxy.

Please visit the website, in the link above, as just writing about this proxy service doesn’t do it enough justice.

How it works

Teleport lets you see any webpage the same way it would be seen by someone in your chosen country. You can use it to check if a particular website is censored in a particular country. You can use it to fool a website about your location and access content that is limited to specific countries. Or you can just use it to unblock a website blocked on your network.

To achieve this Teleport uses so called proxy servers located in the destination country. Instead of sending you directly to the webpage you’ve requested, Teleport fetches the webpage via a proxy server and displays it to you. Thus, your web browser doesn’t connect directly to the target site’s server and instead of your IP address the server “sees” the IP address of the proxy.

“Trusted” vs. “non-trusted”

The world is large and we are small, so we can’t yet put our servers in all (or even many) countries. Most of the proxy servers we use are operated by third parties we are not affiliated with. So when using Teleport it’s worth keeping in mind that your traffic will be passing through unknown, untrusted and potentially malicious servers. Thus you should never submit any sensitive information (like passwords or credit card numbers) to websites when browsing via Teleport. Even if you trust the destination site and Teleport your data can still be intercepted in transit.

In some countries however we do have our own proxy servers. These servers will be marked as “trusted” in the list and used by default when teleporting to such country.