How to Access Blocked/Censored Websites without any Software.

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So you’ve been blocked/censored, from viewing you’re favorite websites, that all you’re friends in the USA, can still access fine?
Don’t know if you should use a proxy/DNS/VPN, or any other anti-censorship software out there? Well here’s a solution.

Here’s how you can avoid expensive costs when it comes to just wanting to visit a website, or forum that’s been blocked.
When you’re ISP blocks you from browsing to you’re favorite website, thankfully they normally do a half ass job of it.

Yes they block the websites, normally via DNS entries, and even via the actual site’s IP addresses.
But they are clueless when it comes to how technology works. And they seem to forget to block HTTPS://

There’s 33 blocked websites here in the UK, out of them 33 sites blocked by my own ISP, this trick works with 29 of them.
Simply turn you’re HTTP:// link, into the industry standard SSL version, it’s encrypted and un-blocked just add an “S = blocked by you’re current ISP
HTTPS:// = the same website but now UN-blocked.

Well if the website you’re trying to visit, actually took extra messures, to stop their websites from being blocked.
They no doubt will already of invested some money, to turn their domains into a “Secure Socket Layered” Version.

So if this trick doesn’t work with the websites you’re trying to visit. Then they are not serious about their domain security.
Contact the admin/webmaster once you gain access, via a web proxy/VPN, and ask them to buy a SSL Cert. for their domain.

Almost all websites, that takes their members privacy serious, should already have a NEW Secure Socket Layer Domain.