IP Hider Pro (Worst company ever!)

ip hider pro

softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: IP Hider Pro
Download Link: N/A
Homepage: http://iphiderpro.com/index.html
Contact Them: Pointless, they just ignore everyone!
License: I wouldn’t even bother trying their software. to even check their prices!

I come across this software just a week ago, decided it looked promising, so tried it.
Well the interface looks like the rest of the clones of this type, like hide IP, mask IP, reveal IP etc.

Not to judge a book by it’s cover as the saying goes.  I decided to try and contact this company.
9 E-Mails I’ve sent them, asking for some info, and some help. Not a single reply back from these clowns.

They are trying to sell this software to you, that is their business to gain money from potential customers.
Well I can honestly say.. Do not waste you’re time with these people. They will no doubt just take your money.
And run, simply because if you cannot get a hold of them as a potential customer,

Then the chances of doing so when you’ve actually paid them your money is going to be very slim indeed.

My advice is to use any other service/program than these people. Their website also looks like it was thrown up
By some youngster learning how to use front page express. There’s nothing professional about this company at all.

How they are even capable of providing any kind of proxy/VPN, networking technology is beyond me.
Normally I just feature software, until I find company’s that couldn’t give a rats ass about potential clients.
Then I simply let people know, so my final thoughts and words is “KEEP CLEAR OF THESE PEOPLE”