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License: 3 Days Free Trial / Paid Accounts @ $8.52 a month!

Authors Comments:

We’ve actually contacted this company, we want them to be in our next promotional offer! Really hoping they are a decent enough company, just like the one we have featured right now, their software at the moment price wise is un-justified. They are indeed the most expensive Proxy Software we have come across.Why are they so expensive? I don’t know but I’m going to hopefully find out for you. All these hide ip’s are all clones of each other. So why it’s much more expensive than the other clones of this type i have no clue. Fingers crossed they accept the promotional scheme so we can get you all a nice discount.

My IP Hide is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service.
It can help you to unblock websites and protect your Internet privacy.

Unblock websites: In some companies or countries (ex. China, Egypt and Iran) the management blocks
some websites (ex. facebook and youtube). My IP Hide can unblock the sites. It uses encrypted connections
to bypass the firewall as well as content filtering system while ordinary proxy can only bypass IP/domain block.

We have IP addresses in these countries to unblock websites.
Proxy in Different Countries
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