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License: Open Source, Free to use and to modify/fork

OpenNIC (a.k.a. “The OpenNIC Project”) is an organization of dedicated volunteers who run an alternative DNS network. OpenNIC is owned and operated by the OpenNIC community. Membership is open to all who share an interest in keeping DNS free for all users. Our goal is to provide you with quick and reliable DNS services and access to domains not administered by ICANN.

OpenNIC provides resolution to all ICANN domains as well as OpenNIC’s own TLDs:

.geek, .free, .bbs, .parody, .oss, .indy, .fur, .ing, .micro, .dyn and .gopher

Join us as we create a new surfing experience. OpenNIC domain registrations are free of charge — simply register your domain, agree to the terms of the specific TLD you’re registering with, and point your domain to whatever online services you have to offer.

To start using OpenNIC today, use OpenNIC Wizard. Simply run the installer and you’re instantly using OpenNIC resolvers!