Proxy Gear Pro

proxy gear pro

softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Proxy Gear Pro
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Homepage: none
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License: Freeware, free to use.


Easy to use
URL Grabber
High Speed
Adaptive filters
Avtoparser proxies from text / file / URL
The opening of multiple files totaling> 2GB
Identification of the country Proxy
Export lists in whatever mask
Defining proxy timeout
Set up the proxy server directly from the program
Multithreading (up to 1,000 threads and priority control)
Ability to set the connection timeout
Identify the type of proxy (Transparent, Anonymous or Elite)
Work through your own check-server

NEW! Proxy Gear Pro 2.1

* Fixed Google CAPTCHA bug
* Fixed detection of Elite proxy servers
* Added date filter in Google Grabber
* Added support for Google Grabber
* Added ability to limit page size in URL Grabber
* Added save button for grabbed proxy in main window
* New parsing algorithm for better speed results
* Clicking on ad-banner now opens default browser
* Minor bugs fixed