Proxy Krake


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License: Paid version only, (Guy is after nothing but a quick buck!)

I’m coming close to running out of all the tools I’ve found up to now online.
I’m really now having to dig deep into the complete crap pile with this con mans software.

No free version? No test versions? What a complete joke! Pay you’re money if it doesn’t work tough luck!
He’s got another 3-4 different type of proxy software too, which again no free versions available.

Anonymous Web Surfing, Unblock Websites etc.

Function – English:

The Proxies, Time and other Information is different in the Tool for you.
You can ask For Free Update if the Website RegEx Stuff changed. (Save your Email for later)

For Windows Vista, 7 (for other Windows System you can test our Free Version before)
You need to install before “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5″+ Internet Explorer (if not already installed).

No sail return for Software Downloads