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License: Free tool to use to check what ISP’s are blocking your website.

Are you being blocked?

The government is promoting filters to prevent children and young people from seeing content that is supposed to be for over 18s. This includes pornography and sites that talk about alcohol, smoking, anorexia and hate speech.

In practice, filters block many sites that are not harmful to children. Sometimes they are blocked by mistake. Sometimes they are blocked deliberately. For example, many blogs and forums are blocked by default.

The Blocked! website lets you check whether a site has been blocked by these filters. The tool is free but you can support the project by joining ORG, making a donation or volunteering.

We used this site today and found out that there’s 9 different ISPs and Mobile providers that’s blocking our website!
We’ve been in touch with them. At this time only O2/Three have responded O2 have un-blocked us which is good news.

But we are still blocked by Plusnet, Virgin Media, Orange.

So if you have a website. And would like to know what ISP’s have you on their block filters.
Then give this site a go! It’s fast it works and it’s completely free to use.