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Download Link: (None weird company read comment below)
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License: No Free Trial / Premium 404 on every order page, can’t even subscribe too it!

Authors Comments:

Quite puzzled at this company/service, their webpage and layout looks amazing i really like it! It’s clean fresh and just feels right.
But then you look at the way the prices are laid out. The personal account is 300 Yen, which is nearly $3.00 USD a month which is great!
There’s only 500GB download a month. But for 3 dollars that’s also great.

Problem is.. All their Carts lead to 404 so it’s not possible to buy anything! They even state they have their own software (no sign of this)
Then even state theirs a setup guide (wiki) this when you click it does nothing at all. So the prices is good the website looks great but considering they are trying to make money and start up a business in the networking VPN world. They seriously have ALOT to learn about fixing their website/carts.

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