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PrivacyProtectorGVN is a one of a kind VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which, unlike the other services available on the market today, does not need central server(s). This significantly increases our users’ protection against private data loss, identity theft or interception of information.

Why this is important?

You browser reveals tons of your personal information, like address, location, shipping habits – all these informations can be used agains you, for example as aid in identity theft. In tech-speak, this technology encrypts P2P traffic empowered with VPN security and an advanced packet routing engine.

In short, any connection going out of your computer is processed first encrypted, then fragmented, spread through dynamic peers and finally routed to the website or file connection it was intended for. What this means is that your ISP (and any other prying eyes) see only the encrypted mesh traffic, nothing more. At the same time, you can access certain services like online banking, through the standard unencrypted method that you’re used to, as PrivacyProtectorGVN automatically detects which connections should be handled in which way.

Our technology allows us to provide you with a number of unique features such as temporary changes in your IP address (e.g. for watching films online), handling blocked access to certain sites (such as those censored in China) and the ability of selecting an IP address in the country where you’d like to use a particular service.