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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: VPN.S HTTP Proxy
Download Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vpns-http-proxy/deoodoglhbmpafkajmlggnjnngdclnie
Homepage: https://vpnsecure.me
Contact Them: https://www.vpnsecure.me/contact/
License: Free for you’re own proxy’s / Also paid version with their own services.


Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily. Subscribe to our Proxy service, or use your own servers!

— Version 1.8.3 —
Fixed import & export buttons.
Added Spain Location to server list.

— Version: 1.8.2. —
Fixed delete rule function.

Please submit any feedback or bug reports to


VPN.S Proxy Manager allows easy management of proxy lists, and automatic server switching based on rule lists – making it easier then ever to bypass geographical restrictions on internet content. With tight integration to VPNSecure.me ‘s worldwide network of VPN, HTTP Proxy, SSH Tunnels and automatic updates whenever we add new servers to our network – you’ll never need to mess with your proxy settings manually again!

Proxy Manager based on Proxy Switchy by Mhd Hejazi.