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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: OBOOM.com
Download Link: (none online cyber locker)
Homepage: https://www.oboom.com
Contact Them: https://www.oboom.com/support
User Limits/Price: Free users 1 file per 30 mins @ 34kbps / Premium 500GB space @ $10.99 USD a month

Authors Comments:

Yet another very popular cyber locker. But with the worst free user restrictions we have ever seen!
I’ve seen 56k flex dial up quicker than this service for free users. This is the only new service that’s appeared
That doesn’t take after Putlocker, FireDrive, Sockshare, Zippy etc.. by actually offering free users something back.

Prices are very high indeed! Considering you actually need a “PLACE” to go regular who post any links to this service.
To be-able to even get half the benefits of what you pay out. I really don’t get why firedrive and 30 other similar services
Can offer their users fast free downloads for nothing. But yet popular services offer slower speeds than dial up! it’s 2014! not 1984!

While the service lacks any use for free users, their premium services must actually be decent since quite a lot of people are
Using this service to share their files between their friends and communities. It’s a shame they don’t actually offer free users anything!

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