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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Rapidgator.net
Download Link: (Online CyberLocker)
Homepage: https://rapidgator.net
Contact Them: http://rapidgator.net/feedback/contact
User Limits/Price: 1 free download every hour *with a massive bug* / Premium @ $12.99 USD a month!

Authors Comments:

You’re now wondering what this bug is right? Well before i get onto the massive bug they just refuse to fix!
No matter how many times you contact them. Let’s see what i’ve personally got to say about this hosting solution.

Just like uploaded.to and other popular cyberlockers, they are still locked in the 1990’s with this insane 1 free download per hour.
If all other 21st Century company’s of the same type can offer free users unlimited speeds/downloads for nothing (SockShare/FireDrive/Zippy etc)

Then why can’t the big massive high priced company’s like rapidgator with all their millions their getting from premium users?
Something is seriously wrong somewhere, if new startups can offer what these really popular services cannot.

NOW the bug.. You get 1 file every 120 mins right? But if you let the human verification code expire for more than 1 minute.
Then click the download button, you are now faced with that Sorry you’ve hit you’re limit please wait 120 mins before the next download.

So just because the capacha expires while typing it in. EVERY other cyber locker allows you to re-fresh the page
And just enter another code. But this stupid system see’s a wrong capacha code as an actual downloaded file.

To get around this, simply DO NOT reload the page or re-fresh the security question.
Click the back button on you’re web browser and then re-start over again. I wish they’d fix this stupid bug!

As for the speeds for premium users they are very much indeed rapid! So they live up to their name.

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