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User Limits/Price: Free users get so much! Read below! / Premium @ $5.99 USD a month!

Authors Comments:

Finally we are done featuring the super popular mega high priced completely useless services for free users, like uploaded/oboom/rapidgator etc. And moving onto the REALLY great services like

Sockshare is something i use all the time! I cannot give this service or the people who run it, high enough praises!
Not only do they not treat their free users like they are on a 56k dial up modem from 1984!

But their premium is half the price of the more popular rip off services like the ones listed above.
Sockshare has it all! Amazing free user speeds with hardly any restrictions! And a premium price thats just exactly right!

I cannot thank sockshare enough, for the way they treat general users. And for the level of service they provide for premium members.
It just makes no sense how mega popular rich company’s have to charge double or tripple and still offer their free users 45kbps download every 120mins!

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