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License: Freeware under GPL license

Network open source tool including:
– tcp/udp telnet
– ping/traceroute
– DNS resolver
– Whois
– Arp
– Stats and TCP/UDP/IP tables (iphelper functions)
– TCP/UDP/ICMP/CGI multithreaded scan (TCP and CGI scan could be done throw HTTP or socks proxy)
– Raw packet capture (multiple options including application name)
– Raw packet forging
– Wake on LAN and Remote Shutdown
– Interactive TCP/UDP Transparent Proxy

How tte TCP or UDP clients or server
How to make a telnet
How to make a ping
How to make traceroute
How to get host address (DNS resolve)
How to get host information (Whois)
How to retreive a MAC address on remote host
How to view or close active tcp connections (or end process of tcp connection owner)
How to view active udp servers
How to view tcp stats
How to view udp stats
How to view icmp stats
How to view or modify ip table
How to view IP stats
How to make cgi scan
How to make tcp scan
How to make udp scan
How to make icmp scan
How to make tcp or cgi scan throw proxy
How to make a wake on LAN
How to Shutdown a windows remote host
How to view your computer’s IP
How to get your computer’s outside IP (for people in LAN)
How to capture packet
How to forge packet
What is Interactive TCP/UDP

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