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License: No free trial available figures eh? / Premium @ $4.99 USD a month!

Authors Comments:

Where do i start? Well lets start with the name. Free to Surf.
This is completely false advertising.There’s nothing free about this service.

Even the day’s trial costs money lol that’s not even free! So Free2surf it’s certainly isn’t.
Next is their claim that they are available 24/7 they don’t go anywhere vacation always someone available.
4 half hours later 6 separate messages in their online support chat box. And still nobody to answer me.

So now that’s currently 2 lies. Free to surf. Hardly. 24/7 Support? Yep that sure shows! Not!
So since there’s no free trial available to even test these services out. Considering they state all that’s not true.
Who even knows if this service actually exists? No video’s no screenshots.

Another company certainly not in this game to actually help users with censorship issues.
Just after a fast quick buck! Personally if i was you. Just going off my comments i would give this company a pass.
Their services might just be fantastic but without a trial to see first, and considering they love false advertising.

Well you get the idea..

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