Our own personal review of Hide ALL IP

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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Hide ALL IP
Download Link: http://hideallip.com/download.html
Homepage: http://hideallip.com
Contact Them: http://hideallip.com/contact.html
License: 3 Day trial for free users / $29.00 USD for a year subscription.

Before you read this review fully, and get lost since it’s quite long and very in depth.
We want to make it clear this software is quite amazing! For just 29 dollars a year!
You should rip their arm off! To actually get hold of a copy before the price changes!

Now for our actual review, and just why we feel everyone should own a copy of this software!

To start off with, normally we give a wide birth to any software that isn’t a dedicated VPN. What we mean is proxy software, software that actually changes the network settings in the browser. Why don’t we like these types of anonymity tools? They suck! They are useless 99.9% of the time. They don’t work with services like Hulu/Netflix, they serve no purpose only for browsing blocked websites.

Since they are the lowest of the lowest form of anonymity you can actually get! We would always Advise people to keep away from any Proxy Software that isn’t a dedicated network VPN. With that said, even though this software looks like them other 50 clones of the same software. Mask the ip, hide the ip, fool the ip, my ip hide, ip hider, mask surf, etc etc..

We can tell you right now, this software IS NOT a clone of these crappy useless scam ware.
It’s very very well put together, I’m quite amazed just how good and professional this software is!

First lets talk about the interface you will see when starting this up.

hideallip logo
The first time you run this program after running the Simple but easy Setup.exe
You will be asked to either continue with the 3 free days trial they offer.

Or enter you’re activation e-mail and serial number they provided to you.
Once you’ve made you’re choice your now ready to begin.

At first glance it’s quite over powering the options, the buttons, the tabs i must admit.
And getting it to work and actually hide the IP the first time you use it is again very hard to do.

This seems to be a bug that ALL Proxy Software has, for some reason on the first ever run.
They say you’re IP address is masked and hidden, but in-fact you are NOT hidden at all.

While the programs tell you that you’re now connected to a NEW IP and it even shows the
Location of the new IP. Any “Whats my IP” website will still show your not hidden.

It’s only when the program & the browser is closed down. And both re-opened up
That any website that display’s you’re IP Address will actually show your now masked!

Now once you’ve connected this is where things start to get a little weird. Well for us it did.
Since this is a proxy software, and not a dedicated network created VPN connection.
You would expect this to change you’re browsers network connection settings to Proxy/PAC

Funny enough it doesn’t touch this at all.. You’re network connection settings are not altered.
It’s not swapping any proxy information in you’re network tab. (That we can see)

no pac

There is so many countries to choose from, it’s now as simple as clicking connect.
Once you’re connected a balloon icon appears in you’re system tray like the one below.

ballon icon

Once you see this, you are then indeed connected! Any website you now visit to find out
If you’re IP address has changed. Will indeed show the IP Address to match the system tray.

So this isn’t using standard proxy settings, it’s using HTTP Tunneling!
This works also under TCP/UDP protocols, so that’s not only web browser but everything!

You’ll notice at the bottom of the program there is some tabs that you can select.
Each tab will take you to different section within the application. (See below for an example)

connections - hide all ip

Now in the application above, notice at the top FireFox.exe / Origin.exe. These was the processes running when i launched this app. As you can see also not only is it keeping an eye on every process running and trying to mask it. It’s also trying to protect services That’s on you’re PC that’s connecting to the authors. For example you see Kodak Stats? EKIJ5000 this is my printer driver/stats!

This should answer the question “Does this mask UTorrent” or any other torrent / p2p Software i have running? And is this completely safe? The answer as you can see above is yes! Anything that’s running it will try and mask/protect. So Torrent, P2P/Gaming/Origin/Steam/WOW you name it.. If it’s a process and it’s an executable this will protect it! Even applications that you didn’t even knew phoned home! This program does it all automatically without any issues.

IF you’re not sure! You can actually ADD you’re own program you want masked into the program.
This is a feature that makes this program stand out from all the rest! (See below)

add shortcut hideallip

Now any time you click on the NEW App it will automatically mask that protocol’s IP.
There’s nothing this program cannot do. See below for the stuff we tested out.

  • Usenet / NZB – Works
  • Torrents / .torrent – Works
  • Bypassing Download Limits on File Hosting – Works
  • Netflix – Works
  • Hulu – Doesn’t work the website won’t even load up
  • Accessing UK blocked/censored websites – Works
  • Accessing WorldWide Blocked/Censored Websites – Works

All in all, without really going into more details than needs be. This program for only 30 bucks for a year
Is more than worth it. We have been lucky enough to come across this software to try and test it out.

And if you’re in any doubt try it yourself! Use the 3 days free trial. I Assure you this program rocks!
IT’s all you will ever need to use for anonymity, privacy, and accessing blocked/censored websites.

We would rate this app 10/10 if it worked with hulu.com (The page doesn’t even display)