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Download Link: https://secure.vpn4all.com/plans-pricing/
Homepage: https://www.vpn4all.com
Contact Them: support@vpn4all.com
License: No free trial / Most expensive VPN service in over 4,302 company’s featured!

Authors Comments:

These people have won the award for the most expensive service on the Internet.
There is no reason no possible justification that they need to rip people off 4 x as much as any other provider.

Their prices are in UK Pounds & Pence, Not US Dollars so remember this actually doubles!
So their services per month is not the normal $5.95 – $10.95 as every VPN service charges.

But a whopping $19.45 US Dollars per month! On top of you’re actual broadband bill!
These people are simply here to rip you off, they couldn’t give a rats ass about helping with censorship!

I am quite amazed they even have any customers at this price. Do they not understand their service
Is actually more expensive than their actual broadband subscriptions? You know the thing you pay for
To actually be-able to surf and browse the Internet. A VPN is supposed to be a slight add-on to you’re service.

These people are charging more for their simple add on! Than you’re actual broadband subscription!
Please if you want to save money, and want the same exact service these artists are offering.

Do yourself a favour and pick anyone else, you can get 3-4 months anywhere else or 1 month with these clowns.