How to get USA American Channels on Roku

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Roku has great american channels. All Rokus support the same US channels from Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3
And the Roku streaming Stick. The problem is that if you are outside the USA  simply as a Roku fan, or a an expat working overseas.

You cant even add american channels and apps to your Roku “Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB, NHL, HBO“.
And even if you bring the Roku device from the USA with American channels loaded. The channels will still not work.
In this simple guide, I will show you to to get and American Roku account, how to bypass location restrictions

and unblock/add  American channels on Roku. This guide has been tested in Canada, UK, Germany,Dubai and France,
It should however work anywhere outside the USA.

American Channels on Roku – The list

Below you can find a list of most popular American channels you can find on Roku. There are many more though.

Amazon Instant On Demand
Hulu Plus
PBS Kids

Get American Channels on Roku – The basics

In order to get American channels on Roku you need to appear to be coming from the USA both as an account holder,
and as a streaming device. So what you need to do is the following :

– Reset Your Roku
– Sign up for a new Roku account AFTER using one of the two methods below.
(NOTE) If you sign up for a Roku account while appearing to be from a non – US location you will NOT get American channels.
– Setup your network “Not the Roku itself, it has limited Network config options” with one of of the two methods below.
– Logon with your American Roku account.
– Add American Channels

Get American Channels on Roku – The VPN Way

VPN stands for Virtual Private Tunnel, using a VPN will all you to set your traffic to be coming all from the USA or otherwise,
based on your VPN server. A few notes about VPN are listed below :

All your traffic is encrypted, this will prevent your ISP or Government watchdogs from spying on you.
All your traffic is going to appear to be coming from the country of your VPN server “USA in this case”.
Local stations with geo restrictions “ex: BBC Iplayer if you are in UK” wont work anymore, as you appear to be coming from US.
Roughly a 10% bandwidth speed test with a good VPN provider.
You need a VPN enabled router  for Roku to work with VPN.

If you find that the above matches your need, check out  IronSocket/CactusVPN.
They both do have easy to use apps, and will get you set and running in a few minutes.

Get American Channels on Roku – The DNS Way

Smart DNS Proxies are a different kind of technology. They do not encrypt your traffic, nor do they re-route all traffic.
Smart DNS Providers “at least the good ones” apply a smart logic to only re-route the relevant geolocation aware chunks of your traffic.

A few notes about Smart DNS can be seen below:

No encryption. But in return there is no speed penalty.
You can watch American Netflix on Roku and BBC Iplayer on your Apple TV at the same time.
There’s over 100 different websites global that’s supported using this method.
Easy to setup for Roku or otherwise, all it takes is to sign up, get DNS codes and setup those codes on your router.
If you are from a country where the ISP applies transparent proxies and or DNS hijacking. Smart DNS will not work for you.

So in short, by now you should have a pretty good idea how to get an American Roku Account
and how to Install American Channels on your Roku using either VPN or Smart DNS.